News letter January 2016

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Shasta Society of Brewers Newsletter

January 2016

Happy New Year, SSOB’ers! Welcome, members and friends of the Shasta Society of Brewers! You are receiving this newsletter because you are or have been a member of the Society of Brewers, or you have shown an interest in our society. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining at our upcoming club meeting.

To stay on top of SSOB happenings, please check the calendar on our website,

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Upcoming January Regular Meeting – The January meeting of the SSOBers this coming Wednesday, January 6, at 6:00pm. We will be meeting at our usual location, NorCal Brewing Solutions 1768 Churn Creek, Redding. Meeting lasts until 8:00pm. (For those new to the club, our usual monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesdayof the month. So mark your calendars!)

Christmas Party Recap– Thanks to coordinator Joey and his volunteers for another highly enjoyable Christmas Party! The fun began at 6pm the Friday following the December meeting at NorCal Brewing Solutions up in the loft. A Christmas tree and lights made it a festive sight. The club provided a large ham, and the potluck offerings made the table groan with all the tasty food. A separate table was set up for the “beer potluck,” which was at least as popular as the food table! There were too many homebrewed beers and cider offerings for sampling to even mention them all. Some folks brought growlers of commercial microbrews for tasting also. The “Gift Game” was a lot of fun as members had to decide whether to steal or select a fresh gift from the table.

It will be nice to remember how much fun it is to get together for a party, and then have another celebration without waiting until next Christmas!

Big Brew Day – The two big events the Shasta SOBs participate in that involve the greater community of homebrewers are: Learn to Homebrew Day in November, and Big Brew  Day in May. I know it feels like we have just gotten done with LTHD, but sure enough, Big Brew Day is not very far off! BBD happens on the first Saturdayin May, which is four months away. Be sure to time your brewing so that you have some beer to donate for the samples we give out.

Discount Card Update – Victor H. announced at the last meeting that the way the NorCal discount card (that members get when they join) can be used has been changed. Members will now need to be present at the previous SSOB club meeting, signing in, to use that month’s discount. Members can receive $4 off, showing their card, in the store. With a couple’s membership, each person who attended the meeting can receive $4 off.

Cellarmaster News – Be sure to notify the cellarmaster, Victor, at the start of the club meeting if you have some homebrew tastes to share with the club. And please, bring those homebrew samples to share! Consider if you would like a critical tasting of your brew, with BJCP sheets, and if so, let the cellarmaster know!

Congratulations Woody’s! – Just one year ago, with great fanfare and expectation, Woody’s brewpub opened up. It has been a pleasure to see how the establishment has become well-known and well-regarded in the community. Kudos to Scott W. and his family for bringing it to us. Let’s all continue to support them and the other microbreweries in town so they will be there for us in the future

Raffle Items – Each meeting we try to have a little raffle to raise money for club activities. You can help in two ways. Bring a few dollar bills to the meeting to buy some tickets, and donate some beer swag or fun stuff that you think a member might like to win.

Check out December Meeting Minutes! Yes, the minutes are on the website just waiting to be read and voted on for approval at the next meeting. Here is a quick link: You can also just go to our website and scroll down until you see the link for the current general meeting minutes.

Gadgets – If you have a gadget that you have made or a new idea, please bring it to share with the rest of the club. We’d like to post a picture and explanation on our website also.

Brewing Demonstrations: On the first Saturday of the month, NorCal Brewing Solutions puts on a brewing demonstration at their store. If you are interested or have a friend who might be interested, then show up at noon. Please contact them for further information, such as the type of beer that will be brewed.

Tasting Glasses! – Tasting glasses are available for purchase from the club. Remember, a tasting glass is complimentary for a new membership!

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