Archive General Meeting Minutes: 2014

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Nov 5, 2014

Oct 1, 2014

Sep 3, 2014

Aug 6, 2014

July 2, 2014

June 4, 2014

May 7, 2014

April 2, 2014

Mar 5, 2014

Feb 5, 2014

Jan 8, 2014


November 5, 2014

Gen meeting 6:05pm

Members present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Jeremy turner
Merle McCullough
Jordan Nickell
Cory Nickell
Bill Hansen
Scott Wlodarczyk
David miller
Lester Johnson
Victor Hnyp
Joey Flores
Becky and Tom semb

Gail grifautini
Bill Russ
Debbie wood

Welcome newcomers.

Pres. Asks if anyone has any topic additions. None to add

Officer reports
Secretary : updated by laws are up on website. Sec. Asks meeting minutes to be approved for sept. And out.David moves Lester seconds meeting minutes from
1680.81 total
Cellar. Three american lagers for next meeting in a critical tasting.
We have five months of no events. Brew off comp. with Fall River for club members and non club members alike….around feb. or march
Four beer samplings

Old news
Learn to homebrew day
Less attended than previous years. Fairly successful three Brewers. We sold some shirts and memberships and also had some renewals.

First beer sampling :
Merle brought a tasting of black lager

Second beer sampling:
Red chair clone by bill Hansen

Joey is chairing Christmas party. We are moving the party to Friday. Dec 5 th. 6pm Potluck. Gift exchange. Please bring beer to share. For members and you can bring a guest. Ami will help with set up Thursday night

Third sample tasting
Cory n. Russian imp. Stout

Bart and Jeremy built brew tower

Educational topic
Victor went over bjcp guideline and sub categories. Mead means honey.

Close at 7:28

October 1, 2014

Members attending
Bart and ami Hauptman
Carolyn Faubel
Joey flores
Mark and Jill redding
Victor and Tina Hnyp
Tom and be kind semb
Bob and Karin Bryson
Sue Nickell

Open meeting at 6:28

. We will start by asking members for topics for discussion at a later time in the meeting.

Bart also thanked our outgoing board member present, Tina Hnyp. And welcomed and thanked the new incoming board members Victor Hnyp as cellar master, Becky semb as our treasurer, and Scott Wlodarczyk as activities director.

Officers reports

President: the new board met for our first meeting of the year last niGht that was very productive. We as a board came up with some helpful changes to our meetings including instating a break for a beer tasting every twenty minutes during general meetings.

Vice President : told the club of our set board meetings throughout the year r, ( please visit our club websites calendar to make a note of these at

Secretary/ web master:
Asked for the September meeting minutes to be approved. No one in club had read them and could not approve them. We will approve them at our November meeting. Webmaster asked for any event photos to be sent via facebook or you can email these to

Treasurer: has purchased a PO box for club mailings.
Bank account balance information will be given upon request
Treasurer has collected $132.00 in membership fees for our new club year

Cellarmaster: will be implementing a no repeating policy for club meeting times, to keep meeting moving more smoothly. Victor talked about his new board approved yearly budget of $240.00, which will be used for education and special tastings throughout the year.

Tina asked members to please donate beer related items to our raffle for prizes to help with club fundraising.

Old news: NCHF: a small contingent of our club went to this festival. We shared a booth with the Chico home brew club. There were 46 booths total and great times were had by all

Redding beer and wine festival: around 11 club members attended. There were fun times had by members who talked with interested people in homebrew specifics. Our booth was decorated and neat beers names helped garner interest

Upcoming events:
Learn to homebrew day, Saturday November 1st, chaired by Carolyn Faubel
We need:
ID checkers

Action items:
Advertising on radio
Craigslist fliers made by Victor Hnyp

Christmas party , chaired by Joey Flores

New business:
We are implementing a new policy regarding events. Each chairmen of events will make a budget and submit it to the board for approval for each event

Gadgets: none

Bob Bryson asked about fermentation chamber build to control hot and cold.

Close meeting at 7:29pm

Sep 3, 2014

Meeting open at 6:08pm
Introductions of visitors:
Tom and Becky s.
Ryan b.
Karen Bryson

Attending meeting:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Victor and Tina Hnyp
Bob and Karen Bryson
Mike rose
Tom and Beckie semb
Scott Wlodarczyk
Ryan bostwick
David miller
Philip Simi
Mark and Jill redding
Robert Anderson
Carolyn Faubel
John dotter

Open forum:
Victor attended Chico homebrew club meeting at round table pizza. They had some great ideas and some issues as well. Victor told us what he experienced. They will be donating space for us at their booth for nchf, to serve and be with them. They have much forethought to each of their events that they attend. We have an open invitation to visit them any time.

Bob Bryson group brewing with a local brewer…has anyone done this? Bart asked how we felt about doing this. Bart said california brewing co. Maybe up for this. Scott w. Said he would contact Jeff at wildcard to see if we could set something up there. Maybe nov. Or dec.

Ami Hauptman invited all to northern ca

Pres. Nothing new

Vp. Nothing new

Treasurer info avail. Upon request

Sec. Bart asked for motion to approve. Victor. MOptioned mike seconded. All in favor 100 % of attending members voted aye.

Redding beer week, victor spoke about home-brew competition and the winners.

Upcoming events:

Nchf coming up on sept. 19-21st

Redding beer and wine fest. John d. Is the chair. Seven different beers on Tap. They will be holding another meeting on 9-10-14 at Maxwells to iron out rest of details.

Open for nominations now: none

Carolyn refreshed us on eligibility requirements

Phil’s motion is to accept all nominations as they are, and set the by laws aside. Mike seconded this motion

Board officers for 2014-2015
President:Bart Hauptman
Vice President:Carolyn Faubel
Treasurer: Beckie semb.
Secretary/webmaster: ami Hauptman
Cellar master: victor Hnyp
Activities director: Scott w.
Newsletter : Carolyn Faubel

Gadgets :
Carolyn f. Took a large shoe box and cut holes in it for bottles that have been washed and sanitized

Cellar master will head home-brew tasting
Phil s. Brought a Belgian wit
Bart. H. Imperial brown
Robert a. Black IPA

7:21pm close meeting

Aug 6, 2014

Open meeting 6:11pm

Members present:
Carolyn Faubel
Bart and ami Hauptman
Tina and victor Hnyp
Eric Haney
Lester Johnson
Mike rose
Joey flores
John dotter
Sue Nickell
Phillip Simi
David miller
JD Bembry
Robert Anderson
Angel Anderson
Jeremy turner

1) open forum: Eric Haney reminded us that elections take place next month, suggested email for staging nominations, ect.

Joe- beer camp was fun. Encouraged people to go. 5000 people there

2) officers reports:
President report: Bart reported that he was hired by California brewing co. In Palo Cedro. Suggested a possible future club tasting event at the facility

Secretary: Joey motioned to approve last months meeting minutes. John d. Seconded that. All in favor 100% present members voted aye.

Treasurer: Tina reported…information available upon request

Eric h. Helped Tina with sales tax issues. We have to file from several years back. Tina will get a Po box for the club for the continuity of paperwork for officers business

– Food sign ups were requested

John will be stepping back from personal brewing to allow for other projects. John had a Belgian dubbed for critical tasting

Tina reporting on the fair.
Category 1.a first place James freeman
Category 2c first place Scott frank
Category 4a first place Steve Padilla
Category 5b first place Kenneth pereira
Category 6 a first place Joey Flores
Second place Scott frank
Category 7b first place Joey Flores
Category 8b first place Reid Davis
Category 10 a first place Reinhard vietheer
Second place Reid Davis
Third place Joey Flores
Category 11 a first place Reid Davis
Catergory 13 e first place Scott frank
Second place Jason hauser
Catergory 14 a/c first place Jason hauser
Second place Reid Davis
Third place James freeman
Catergory 15b/d first place Steve Padilla
Second place Jason hauser
Catergory 18 e first place Jason hauser
Catergory 19 a first place Scott frank
Catergory 21 a first place Richard vietheer
Catergory 23 Marty bornman

We started the barrel program and only 2 people were able to brew. We do not have enough to fill our barrel.

Upcoming events:

3rd annual redding beer week, and 2nd annual homebrew competition. Competition is closing this coming Saturday August 9th at 6pm

Redding beer and wine fest. Event meeting on July 9th to plan. Goal to to 55 gallons brewed by our club for this event. There will be one more planning meeting and john d. Asked for more volunteers

Nor cal hombrew fest
Bart is chairing and gave report. Small amount of people going 7 people. We are talking about abandoning our booth and possibly teaming up with the Chico homebrew club. We do not need keezer for this event

Gadgets: no shared gadgets

New business

Election voting. Bart asked if there were questions about positions.

Opening nominations:

Vice President
Membership director

Voting will be open by email until next meeting.

Homebrew tasting

Wheat rye brought by Bart
Saison brought by Phil s.
Blonde brought by traci s.

Close meeting at 8:04pm

July 2, 2014

Meeting open at 6:04pm

Members present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Robert Anderson
Steve jones
Bob Bryson
Eric Haney
Joey flores
Lester Johnson
Victor Hnyp
Scott Wlodarczyk
Jill redding
Mark redding
Philip Simi
Mike rose
John dotter
Carolyn Faubel
Don and Canda Williams

Open forum:
Robert and Steve visiting for the first time tonight

Joey Flores brought a jelly belly beer flavor for us all to try.

Officers reports:

Pres. Nothing new to report
Vice.nothing new to report
Tres. total in bank available upon request
Sec./webmaster. Motion to approve June meeting minutes. John d. 1st Bart seconded . 100% of attending members voted aye

Bart briefly mentioned beer judging at shasta district fair. Tina h. Was not present to give her report and will do so next month

Barrel program will be up and running soon. If you have not signed up, please let Bart know ASAP. Discussion of recipe. Bart will be sending an email shortly

NorCal California homebrew festival and redding beer and wine fest are the same weekend. Brew beers right away

Redding beer and wine fest. Sept. 20th John d. Is chairing this event. July 9th 6 pm planning meeting at Angelo’s pizza.

Bart motioning to buy club freezer. (It will be stored at hauptmans house) Victor can buy freezer for 270$ from appliances direct as scratch and dent.

Don motioned that we buy a Freezer and taps together for a full set up. Not to exceed $500 Eric h. Seconded motion to buy freezer and taps. No opposed votes. Motion passed.

Critical tasting
Lester j. Trippel


Carolyn: mashton insulator. Baby bumper from goodwill, cut in half, sewed together, has ties.

Bart: sparge arm built from copper tubing.

Phil: PVC coupler inch and a quarter. To fit into core of keg. To cut a clean even top off the keg

Shasta county fair. Mike rose ran it by them to gave a micro brew fest for next year. Victor says it may not be an option due to cost and fair staff not able to put it on.

Eric, talking a both bill 1425 talking about cutting down on amount being homebrewer being able to brew as much. Only 100 gal. Per year or 200 per household .(used to be 200 per year) Scott w. Spoke about national homebrew fest. Being canceled. Homebrew can be donated or sold to a non profit organization. We as a non profit entity cannot sell our homebrew as an organization or club,

Phil asked if anyone was interested in going to the dunsmuir brew fest. It was stated that redding beer week and tap into Thehma is the same weekend

Robert has a black IPA recipe and asked for feedback

Meeting closed at 7:44 pm

June 4, 2014

Members present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Carolyn Faubel
John Dotter
Merle McCullough
Philip Simi
Michael Young
Lester Johnson
David Miller
Joey Flores
Victor and Tina Hnyp
Cory and Sue Nickell
Scott W.

Call meeting to order at 6:15pm

-reminder to log beers for tasting with cellar master

– Open Forum
1. Corey told us that mount shasta brewing will be having a tasting at Tops Market Friday June 6th 2014 from 5-7 pm

2. Phil and Scott W. Both visited Kona brewing Co. On their visits to Hawaii recently

3. Victor h. Shared a recent brewing story about brewing with spalt

4. Carolyn f. Asked that if anyone has a brewing story or an interesting brewery visit, to please email to her to include in the newsletter

5. Bart shared about our visit to different breweries in Ashland Oregon

-Officers Reports
1. President: no report
2. Vice President: no report
3. Treasurer: total amount in accounts available upon request
4. Secretary/ webmaster report: Pictures of big brew day on facebook. Secretary motioned to approve May meeting minutes. David m. Stated that the only discrepancy was that Lester had won our club brew competition for the all- grain brewers…..not Joey F. As minutes states. Carolyn f. Motioned to approve minutes with this one amendment. David m. Seconded this motion. President asked all in favor and 100% of members present voted aye.

5. John d. Told us that redding beer and wine festival is set for the week of August 15th 2014 and he volunteered to chair this event for our club. John will send an email to get a meeting for this event and to discuss getting beers brewed for this event ASAP.

6. At this time Bart sent around all sign-up sheets for remaining events for the year.

7. June 27th is the event ” brew by the bridge” at the Sundial Bridge

8. Philip s. Brought up the tap into Thehma and the Jefferson brew festival for possible events to attend for club individuals

Old business

1.Tina h. Told us about judging beers for the Shasta District Fair entries. We have 32 beers to judge, 3-4 beers per group. We will need 8+ people for judging. We will be meeting at the shasta district fairgrounds at 11am Sunday June 8th

2. Bart spoke about our new barrel program more in depth. Bart owns a 59 gallon barrel that will be stored at our house. There was some discussion of what recipe and method could be used for this program. Bart will be sending an email out soon with meeting information. At this his time he sent around a sign up sheet for those who are interested in participation in this project. 7 members signed up

3. At this time,,the Ribs of July event is cancelled

Educational topic
John d. Organized groups from our club brew project of all grain brewers and brew in a bag brewers so we could all go over our methods and brew notes

Homebrew tasting

1. Bart h. Shared a Berlinger Weiss
2. Philip s. Shared an ESB all grain from the all club brew
3. Scott W, shared a wheat beer
4. John d. Shared an orange / honey / hibiscus wit beer
5. Carolyn f. Shared an orange cascade ale
6. Joey f. Shared a chocolate milk stout

Meeting closed at 7:55pm

May 7, 2014

The meeting opened at 6:13pm at NorCal Brewing Solutions.
President: Bart reported that Big Brew Day went well.
VP: No report
Treasurer’s report: $2,324.28 in combined accounts.
Membership report: 33 members, 7 of them new
Secretary: Not present, Carolyn F. taking minutes. Requested email addresses to be put on the sign-in sheet if those present, but not members, want to be on the email notification list.
Tina sent list around for sign-ups for volunteer chairpersons for the upcoming events this year.

​Shasta County Fair—Tina and Victor explained how the fair entries worked and what the cost was to enter a beer.
​Ribs of July—May not happen this year.

BJCP Calibration program: Bart explained how this new program works. A beer “assignment” is made for what beers to judge according to BJCP guidelines. Then the master judges in the program will judge the same beers and post the details online. Then a participant can compare his or her sheet with the master sheet to see how close the descriptions and scores are. Bart will try to bring some copies of the current master score sheets to the next meeting if they are ready. Carolyn will get the list of current beers to judge and email them to members so they can participate if they wish.

Scott W: Announced that Calicraft Brewing Co. and Drake’s Brewing Co. will be now distributing in our area. Said that the “Celebrate 10” Sundial Bridge event will also host a microbrew event on June 27. It will be called “Brews By the Bridge.” Redding Beer week is to be August 15-23.

Sierra Nevada’s event, Beer Camp Across America, was mentioned by Tina, that it is a fun event. July 19.

Cellermaster John D. began his preamble to the judging of the English Pale Ale submitted by members. There are 24 judges and 12 beers. 4 groups were created, each to taste 3 beers. A lively time was had by all during the judging process. Winners were divided amongst the all-grain, BIAB, and extract. The 1st place winners were: Extract: Eric, AG: Lester j., BIAB: Merle.

The meeting was adjourned around 8pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Carolyn Faubel

April 2, 2014

Meeting opened at 6:12 pm

Member present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Harry and carol Garcia
David miller
Lester Johnson
Joey Flores
Philip Simi
Eric Haney
Scot Wlodarczyk
Merle McCullough
Bob Bryson
Corey and sue Nickell
John dotter
Victor and Tina Hnyp
Jay Webster
Dan Elis

Tina is passing grains and hops to guess to earn a free raffle ticket. Raffle tickets are on sale tonight 1 for a dollar and six for 5$. We have two bottles of beer and a cooler bag up to win. (Reminder to log beer with cellar master)

Open forum
Introduce new ppl Joey Flores joined us for the first time this evening

Bob Bryson will be showing us a carboy wide mouth glass fermenter at this time. It can hold six and a half gallons. It is called a big mouth bubbler. Mid west brewing is where he purchased it.

Bart showed his gadget at this time. Counter flow Wort chiller home made. Idea was from home brew talk. Cost about $30 to make it. He spoke about how he built it.

Merle guess the grain correctly and earned a raffle ticket. John d. Guessed the hop correctly. Both earned a ticket. ( I believe there may have been one or two others who earned a ticket through their guesses…not sure who)

Officers reports
Presidents report:
Bylaws states pres. Should be up holding the by laws. Bart is trying to take his job seriously. Last amendment vote will be tonight. Bart is trying to do what he can

Vice pres. Carol not present
Motion Eric to approve minutes as they stand
John dotter second.
All voted aye on approving the minutes

Tina treasurer report :information available upon request total funds

Sue Nickell. Membership director 27 members

Cellar master john dotter :we are intimating critical tasting tonight. Bjcp guideline to help us critically Judge beers. We have the sheets to either practice or true judging. Concept of all brewing a beer all the same recipe. Reminder that this will be coming. Club tasting and judging. Victor and nor cal will be giving 25 % off our grain bill for this. You will have to brew by this Sunday to have it ready for next month or big brew day. $30 extract, $30brew in bag, all grain 19$

Old business
John d. Reported on st. Pattys brew

Cicerone tasting will need to be postponed to July. Scott w. Is coordinating

8th amendment proposal, Bart read over the proposed changes

Tina h. Said she may want to add a clarification in the wording, stating that reimbursement would only be for hops, grains, yeast and adjuncts…not any thing that did not pertain to consumption ie. PBW ect. Tina’s concern was that by reimbursing for so many brews that we would bankrupt the club. Lester had brought up the suggestion of adding the wording, ” while funds are available “.

There was some discussion by present club members on this subject. Bart then read article 2. Section 7 again for everyone and decided to just vote on the proposed change as it stood.

Motion made by sue to vote aye on the proposed change

Lester seconded this. Bart called for all in favor. 100% voted aye no votes against. Change was passed unanimously.

Paid back for old events. Vote on it the way it is.

Fair beer comp. and judging
Fair is in June

Paper work turned in byMay 9th six entry form A online. Exhibitor, spirits. Two bottles either 12s or 22s……un labeled. SAT. June 7th to be brought. Judging Sunday June 8th

One dollar per entry per class

We will need judges three to four hour commitment. Sign up sheet will be brought to meeting next month. If you enter, you cannot judge. Snobs provide plaques. Nor cal will sponsor prize $ 5$

Beer week is in august…Scott w.

New business

Big brew day may 3rd. 10 am international toast time.

Ami will be chairing this event

Need brewers and beer. Stations one all grain, one brew in the bag one extract beers for serving

Also at big brew day, sue said a former member passed away, john Beebe and Susan. John Nagal would like to silent auction off his brew equipment to support. Theresa can close this out at 1 pm

Nor cal home brew fest please start thinking about brewing any big beers now

Educational topic by john d.

Club brew

English pale ale …..recipe is from “brewing classic styles” book. All ingredient please bought at nor cal so playing field is even. Session style ale

John went over style and recipe with us. Now and Sunday for brewing this beer two to six days to get this brewed. Follow same ratios, brew same recipe. John spoke about variables, water, sanitizer, equipment, mash schedule, mash ph, sparge water, steeping temp, boil, yeast nutrient, cooling method, whirlpool, amount of yeast pitched, oxygenation and rehydration of yeast, ferment temp and schedule, ferment temp control, aging, bottling and legging, bottling temp.

john will send e mail asking for brewers participation. Make sure you are taking taking very good notes on your club brew. So we can share our method, outcome.

Critical tasting :Philip Simi
Bjcp guidelines american IPA 14. B style
All grain method.

Bob b. light beer experimental

Carolyn Garcia brought blonde

Joey brought a brown ale

Joey won a bottle of beer
Jay own bottle of beer
And Merle won an mp3 cooler
Close meeting at 8:42 pm

March 5, 2014

Wednesday March 5, 2014 at nor cal homebrew

Bart opened meeting at 6:08 pm

A. Open forum/ new business

* Tina spoke about shasta county fair beer judging. Need judges and beer for this event. No raffle tonight

* mike rose  spoke about Chico competion on April 13th and possibly attending

*Victor was asked by shasta dam publishing ( once a yearto write an article about the emerging beer scene in shasta county. The article will come out in April. He asked for ideas for the article…please send to

*california brewing co. Opened the first Friday in March mike rose is organizing a dinner party there Saturday. March 8th for our club members

* Scott w. Will be putting together a demonstration/ educational topic at our next meeting with beer and food pairings  B. Officers reports

* president report. Bart : we will be having a by laws chain change vote tonight

*vice president. Carolyn: not  present tonight

*treasurer report. Tina: bank account report available upon request

*membership director sue: we have 26 paid members as of this date *cellar master: John has implemented splitting tastings at the beginning and at end of meeting. Also he will send an email before meetings now to ask who would like a critical bjcp tasting of their beer. John has purchased 14 bjcp guidelines for the clubs use

*secretary/webmaster: ami, minutes have been posted on website and she has been getting to learn how to use the website better. She has also been utilizing facebook for communication to the club, also posting media there

C.first half of tastings John dotter shared a Flanders red and Belgian blonde Merle mc coullgh shared a swartzbier, black lager Corey shared a London and California IPA

D. Old business

1.By-law changes voting tonight, we will be voting on 8 proposed changes. Secretary will be documenting vows from paying members present  One- seven of our proposed by law changes: president briefly explained this issue and asked who was in favor 18/18 paid members voted aye   For the eighth change. It was agreed upon to shelf this change until we can get a re-wording of this proposed change.

2. There was reminder from john dotter at this time of our st. Patricks day brew event. He will send flier with all info. Out to the club ASAP

3. Next month for cellar master will be choosing a recipe that we as a club will all brew the same.  This will lead to a blond tasting competion within our club. Victor offered a %25 percent discount through the store for each person brewing for this club educational brew.

4. Mike rose again brought up the idea of the club funding/ building a jockey box for club use.

5. Victor reminded us of big brew day this year on May 3rd and asked someone to step foward as a chair for this event. Ami Hauptman said she may be able to and victor said he will contact her  E. Second half of tastings Phil similar shared a Irish red Victor Hnyp shared a juble ale clone Bart Hauptman shared a red IPA Lester Johnson shared a porter  Victor Hnyp shared a double oatmeal stout

President closed meeting at 7:59pm

Feb 5, 2014

Minutes prepared by Acting Secretary Eric Haney
The February SSOB meeting was held at NorCal Brewing Solutions. Carolyn Faubel was chairing the meeting because Bart and Ami Hauptman were on vacation. The Board members in attendance were Carolyn, Sue, and Tina. Food was brought by Philip Simi and Eric Haney. There were a total of 11 attendees to the meeting, two of which were guests attending for the first time.
Carolyn called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.
Tina announced the Raffle and circulated the raffle jar.
Victor hosted the monthly ingredient identification competition and circulated 3 items (2 grains and one hop) for members to identify. The clues regarding the 3 ingredients were that the Hops had the highest alpha acid content of any hops in the store and that the grains were very similar and could be substituted for one-another. After collecting the member’s guesses, Victor announced that the hops were Summit hops, and the grains were Biscuit and Victory. No one guessed correctly on any of the items.
A discussion ensued about the growing and utilization of hops in the area. Victor noted that while hops grow well in the north state, one of the challenges with utilizing home-grown hops is the difficulty in determining the alpha acid content of the hops. Bitterness is affected by climate, weather, soil, amount of water, etc. so using homegrown hops without knowing the alpha acid content is risky. The challenge is that the equipment to measure bitterness is expensive as is sending hops away to be analyzed. Most folks in the area that grow hops, use them only late in the boil (aroma) and for dry hopping.
After having the two guests introduce themselves, Carolyn then began the business portion of the meeting.
President’s Report (Carolyn)
Carolyn reported that Ami posted the minutes from the January Meeting on the website and asked if the membership had read them.
Motion – Eric made a motion to accept the January minutes as posted on the website. Cory seconded the motion. All attendees were in favor.
Carolyn reported that she had initiated a monthly newsletter that was distributed via email. She mentioned that the board will rely on the newsletter to communicate with the membership. As such, it is important that members make sure that the membership director has their current email address.
Treasurer’s Report (Tina)
Tina reported the following amounts: Information available upon request
Membership Director’s Report (Sue)
Sue informed the new members that the prorated membership this month would be $18. The group discussed the advantages of becoming a member including being provided with a tasting glass and receiving a $4/month discount at NCBS.
Sue also reported that the club currently has 22 paid members.
Events (Carolyn)
Carolyn discussed a couple of upcoming events including Big Brew day which is scheduled for May 3rd. Carolyn reiterated what was in the newsletter about needing both event chairs as well as volunteers to make the events happen. We discussed some of the activities from past Big Brew days and Carolyn suggested that we need a chair and a number of volunteers. If members are interested in chairing the event or otherwise volunteering, please let Bart or Carolyn know. While the event is still a ways out, we will need to organize sooner rather than later to effectively plan the event, advertise for it, etc.
Carolyn also discussed John Dotter’s planned St. Patrick’s day event. John will be hosting the club at his house for a brew day from 9 am until 5 pm. It will be potluck, but there will also likely be a taco bar, or similar, hosted by John and Sherri Dotter. John was called out of town this week and couldn’t attend the meeting, but we will be discussing this event in more detail at the March meeting.
New Business (Carolyn)
Carolyn mentioned that one of the new initiatives by the Board is to update and finalize the Constitution and By-laws. Carolyn included a discussion of this effort in her last newsletter. The newsletter was also accompanied by a document that discussed proposed changes to the Constitution and By-laws. Carolyn handed out copies of the Proposed Changes document and then briefly read each one to the attendees. She also noted that Eric submitted an additional proposed change that has been added to the list.
There was a brief discussion of the fact there are multiple copies of the Constitution and By-laws in existence including one that was heavily edited by the former board. The version that the current board is working off of (and that the proposed changes pertain to) is a copy that was given to the board by John Dotter. It was decided that the club needs to determine which version is the current, working version to avoid confusion.
Motion – Victor made a motion that we accept the current copy of the Constitution/By-laws (provided to the board by John Dotter) supersedes all other copies and is our official copy moving forward. Motion seconded by Merle. All attendees were in favor.
Carolyn then proposed that these proposed changes should be reviewed by the membership and then voted on at the March meeting. A discussion ensued about the fact that the entire membership should have a chance to vote on the proposed changes. It was suggested that this be done via an email vote by the entire membership with a no-response being counted as acceptance of the changes.
Motion – Merle made a motion that the proposed changes be voted on at the March Meeting. These changes will be made available to the entire membership for a 30-day review, as per the SSOB bylaws. Lester seconded the motion. All attendees were in favor.
Carolyn volunteered to send out the current Constitution/By-laws and the proposed changes to the entire membership via email in the next day or so.
Carolyn initiated the “gadgets” session which is an opportunity for members to share ideas for gadgets that they find helpful in the brewing process.
Cory presented his gadget for transferring beer from a keg to a bottle or growler. Similar to the hose employed at many breweries/tap houses, Cory’s device consisted of a short length of polyethylene hose that fits over the end of a picnic tap. The hose can be inserted into a bottle or growler and the bottle filled with minimal foaming. This makes a cheap and easy way to share beer from a keg without a big mess.
Carolyn then presented a long slender bag that was made out of seal-a-meal packaging. Carolyn’s problem was that if an electronic temperature probe is inserted too far into your mash, the probe can become contaminated by the liquid and give inaccurate temperature readings. Carolyn’s solution was to make her own water-proof sleeve that allows the temperature probe to be inserted into the mash at whatever depth is desired.
Phil presented a home-made stirring plate. This consisted of a recycled computer fan, a rheostat, some magnets and some miscellaneous hardware. The fan was configured using the hardware to look like a small stand on which a beaker could sit. There was a magnet on the fan shaft and then a stirring magnet could be inserted into the beaker. The rheostat then controls how fast the magnet spins in the beaker. This was a very cheap solution. The expensive part was the magnets which were around $10. The entire device was constructed for under $20.
Educational Topic
Carolyn then hosted the educational topic which was an overview of common (and uncommon) glassware used to serve beer throughout the world. The uses and advantages of several different glassware items was demonstrated. The glassware included pint shakers, pilsners, Tokyo pint glasses, tulip glasses, snifters, English dimple mugs, 12 oz mugs, goblets, beer tankards and several others. Carolyn had great examples of each of these glassware items.
The raffle was held. It was a small group and only 8 raffle tickets were sold. The prizes were a 6 pack of Karl Strauss Amber and two very large glass mugs. David won both prizes.
Beer Sampling
The club Cellar Master (John Dotter) was not in attendance so Victor served as acting Cellar Master for the meeting.
Carolyn was the only member who brought beer to share. Her entry was an oatmeal stout that she said turned out to be much sweeter than she had intended. Her goal was an Imperial Oatmeal stout, but she felt that she had an attenuation problem. It was made using the Brew-in-a-bag method. OG was 1.066 and Carolyn reported that the FG was 1.050. After sampling the beer, it was felt that the FG reading had to be inaccurate. The stout was definitely sweet and smooth much like a cream stout. Victor opined that the combination of maris otter malts, high mash temperatures, and London ale yeast could have all contributed to the sweetness of the brew.
Carolyn adjourned the meeting at 7:45

January 8, 2014

At NorCal Brewing Solutions

The meeting began at 6:10pm.
Just before the meeting began, Tina passed around three “mystery” items; a beer, hops, and barley. Members could guess the identity of them and be eligible for a drawing.

Bart began the meeting by inviting the members to speak in an open forum. Lester brought up some new laws beginning this year that dealt with donations of beer from a brew club to a non-profit, who could then sell that product, with the proper licenses. Scott said that there may be a new beer event in February with Viva Downtown, and that the Redding Beer Week may be in August this year. Sue shared the news that there may be another Brew/Beer event in Weaverville, possibly in August.

Bart announced the appointment of John Dotter for cellar master, replacing Jeff, who has moved.

A guest was present at the meeting, Trevor Skaggs, who was introduced. He offered to help us get an active calendar in place on our website.

The minutes from November were approved with no comments.

Tina gave the treasurer’s report. ( this information will be available upon request, please contact webmaster at

Carolyn gave the vice-president’s report. She requested members to bring a homemade gadget or idea that is a good brewing tip and share it with the club. We will do this each month and collect the descriptions for an end-of-year collection of tips. She showed off a bottle rinser made from a brass dishwasher connection, a starbucks straw, and an inexpensive spray nozzle. For Events, John Dotter announced a St. Patricks Day Brew at his house, probably to take place March 15.

Sue gave the membership report. As of today, there are 19 paid members. Unpaid members were urged to take care of paying their dues as soon as possible.

John Dotter gave the Cellar Master’s report. He had several ideas to share with the club. He would like to divide the tasting part of the meeting into the casual/social tasting we already do at the end of the meeting, and a more serious BJCP style tasting to happen earlier in the meeting. Members would get more experience learning how to judge in a BJCP way, and brewers who want more critical and descriptive judging for their beer can have that. To avoid a conflict with the food part of the meeting, since the palate should be clean, we decided the BJCP part of the tasting would take place first, at 6pm, before the business part of the meeting. He also suggested we should make a “club recipe” which all willing participants would brew, and then have a competition to see how they all stack up against each other. He would like to see if the club would purchase 8-10 BJCP manuals for members to study and refer to during the tastings.

Tina announced the identities of the mystery ingredients; the beer was Deschutes Chainbreaker, the hops were Willamette, and the grain was honey malt, and the drawing was held for the prizes, which were all donated.

John Dotter, cellar master, presided over the four beers that were brought for tasting: John shared a Berlinerweiss, Bart shared a Saison, Corey shared a Black Saison, and Eric shared a Strong Farmhouse Ale, a “Tank 7 clone.”

The meeting was adjourned at 7:41pm.

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