Archive General Meeting Minutes: 2015

December 2015 General meeting minutes 12/02/15

Members and visitors present:
Bart and Ami Hauptman
Jay Webster
Joey Flores
Bill Hansen
Joe Condrey
Ken Hatfield, guest
Mark roman
Gary Hurst
Scott Wlodarczyk
Kyle Fleming, guest
Drew Califf, guest
Robert and Angel Anderson
Hanna Rashkovsky
Neil Petersen

Guy Richmond

Meeting called to order by President Neil Petersen at6:00pm
Officers Reports:
President: encourages club to bring beer for critical tasting
Vice President: Nothing new
Secretary: not present
Treasurer: not present
Activities Director: nothing new
Newsletter editor: nothing new

Webmaster: Robert asked for members to visit our clubs Facebook page and like it to boost the page

Critical Tasting: Brad Richards shared an Oatmeal Stout, 7.2%

Introduction of guests

Old Business

Learn to homebrew day went well. Some club members brewed that day to contribute to our barrel program. If you still have beer you brewed for this barrel project, please contact Bart Hauptman at 530-356-6974, as we are still 33 gallons short of being able to fill it.

Tasting: Joe Condrey shared a Mocha Stout, 6.3%

New Business

Our clubs Christmas Party is this Friday, 12-4-15, 6pm at NorCal Brewing Solutions. This is a club only event, and by invite only. Please bring a dish to share, as well as beer and a gift equivalent to $20 if you would like to participate in our white elephant gift exchange.

Tasting: Neil Petersen shared a black IPA, 7%

Several club members expressed interest in doing a club brewery tour trip in 2016.

Victor spoke about hosting a dark beer festival in 2016. EDIT: this was brought up by Victor at the last meeting but was revisited by Robert as a reminder.

Bart spoke about possibly being able to coordinate the Ribs of July event in 2016

Tina encouraged a larger SSOB presence at the Shasta County Fair in June of 2016

Meeting adjourned at 7:01pm


November 2015 General meeting minutes 11/04/15

The meeting was called to order at  19 club members and 3 guests were present. Read more

October 2015 General Meeting Minutes 10/07/15

Meeting called to order at 6:00p.m. by newly elected president, Neil Peterson

Members and guests present:
Victor and Tina Hnyp
Sue Nickell
Matt Petyo
Bob Bryceson
David Miller
Sean Mc Carr
Mark Roman
Carolyn Faubel
Joey Flores
Jesse Livingston
Bill Hansen
Angel Anderson
Robert Anderson
Canda Williams
Neil Peterson
Christina Piles
Bart and Ami Hauptman
Analia and Chris Bertucci
Jerry Turner
Brad Richards
Mike Rose
September minutes approved by Robert, seconded by Victor, approved by club members.
New members Jesse Livingston, and Analia and Chris Bertucci.
Cellar Master, Victor, explained the critical tasting process.
Bart brought a Belgian Triple.  Due to time constraints and a full meeting, a critical tasting was not done, but Victor read guidelines and opened up for comments on the beer.
Treasurers report-It’s time to renew club membership.
A question was raised whether a couple could buy two memberships.  This will be discussed at the next board meeting.
Beer tastings:
Analia and Chris-Rogue Dead Guy Clone (their first beer)
Shawn-Cascade Ale
Matt-Farmhouse Rye
Scott- Imperial Stout
Raffle tonight  raised $62 for club
Sharing of NCHF by Victor and Tina
Sharing of Redding Beer and Wine Festival by Carolyn and Scott
Upcoming events:
Learn to home-brew day Nov. 7-sheet passed around for sign ups to volunteer
Barrel program explanation and update with discussion following.
  Ideas for more activities/socials
Club Christmas Party Friday, Dec. 4-sheet passed around for signups to volunteer
Robert is hosting a brew day Saturday, Oct. 10.  He will be brewing an SOB (Standard Ordinary Bitter).
Webmaster Robert gave his report.
 New Business-As a club we need to come to a decision on the barrel program. 10 volunteers listed their email addresses to plan beers for the program.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm

September 2015 general meeting minutes

6:11 pm meeting open
Member and visitors present:
Bart and ami hauotman
Victor and Tina Hynp
Carolyn Faubel
Bob Bryson
Neil Peterson
Hanna Rashkovsky
Tom and Becki semb
Joe condrey
Sean McCain
Mark roman
Tonia Monroe
David Monroe
Canda williams
Owen bankson
Mike rose
Robert Anderson
Jay Webster
Sue Nickell
Scott Wlodarczyk

Introducing new visitors

Tasting: Sean brought IPA

Cellarmaster will now pass around high scoring beers from the recent homebrew competition.

Past events: homebrew competition 52 beers entered, one winner

Redding beer week was a success in many aspects.

Officers reports:
No new reports from officers except for our membership director, Scott.
Upcoming events: Please think of brewing for the upcoming event of Redding beer and wine festival, partnered with redding distributing. September 19th. Nor cal homebrew festival is the same weekend. First weekend in November is the learn to homebrew day. Carolyn F. Will be the cooridinate that event.Possible winter fest in December created by Scott Wlodarczyk for a fundraiser. Christmas party is also in December. Barrel program: 59 gallon wine barrel will be filled at the learn to home brew event: starting with a Flanders red start.

Victor motioned that the club buy 10 copies of the new BJCP guidelines. Sue seconded and robert thirsted. Motion passed with 100% voting members aye


The nominations are as follows
President: Niel Petersen
VP- Bart Hauptmann
Newsletter editor- Carolyn Faubel
Treasurer /membership director- sue nickel
Secretary- Canda williams
Activities director- Tina Hynp
Webmaster- robert anderson
Cellar master- victor Hynp

Bart motioned to vote each nominee into offices as they stand here. 100% of members present voted aye. These new board members will take office beginning at our October 2015 meeting.
Meeting closed at 7:21 pm

August 2015 General Meeting Minutes

WMeeting opened at 6:05.

President’s report, Bart: Ami, the secretary is not here, so Carolyn will take minutes.

Treasurer’s report, Tina for Becki: Current balance is $1,532.82. No Pay Pal information available.

Secretary’s report, Carolyn for Ami: Call for approval of July minutes, which are posted on the website. Motion, Jeremy. Second, Melissa. Approved.

Membership’s report, Sue: No new members.

Cellarmaster, Victor: Educational discussion on making a beer sour without introducing lactobacilli into your brewing system, which could lead to future contamination of your non-soured product. Lactic acid can be added directly to the finished product. He passed around a sample of a Goze beer he had made, along with a small amount of lactic acid that members could add to their tasting cups.

Activities director, Scott W.: Latest news on the club participation in the Redding Beer and Wine Festival happening September 19th, from 4 – 8pm. The club will be setting up next to Redding Distributing or Woody’s, to take advantage of their license. Otherwise we would have to have our own license. He sent around a sign up sheet for those interested in volunteering, and asked for an idea of who would be donating a keg of homebrew for it. He reminded people that the club can reimburse the grain bill for donations like this, up to $40. Scott also reminded us that, for this event, our pourers may not drink while they are behind the serving counter.

Scott also said that he was planning on a club fundraiser to happen in Woody’s parking lot during Redding Beer Week, on Saturday, August 29. It will be a four hour event. Details to come later.

Cellarmaster, Victor: Travis brought a beer for tasting, a “Kentucky Common,” which is a regional beer with roots in older times. Two interesting facts were that it was 32% corn, and that it was not intended to be sour, as some might have believed. Travis will bring some to the NCHF next month.

“Hot Hullaballoo.” The turnout had been light, and there were some suggestions about how to make it better attended, such as being able to bring a commercial beer if you didn’t have an appropriately styled homebrew.

Cellarmaster, Victor: Robert A. brought an American Heffeweissen that he had flavored with orange peel and chili mango pieces.

Election business: Nominations were opened for candidates for the SSOB Board of Directors. Bart announced that he would not be running again for president. Carolyn announced she would not be running for VP, but would run again for Newsletter Ed. Scott announced that he would not be running again for Activities Director.

The final results of the nominations were:

President: Neil P.

VP: Bart

Secretary: Canda

Treas: Sue N.

Webmaster: Robert A.

Newsletter: Carolyn F.

Activities: Tina

Cellarmaster: Victor

Membership: Sue

Nominations will remain open until elections commence at the September Meeting.

Cellarmaster, Victor: Bob B. brought a sample of his British Pale Ale that he had previously shared with the club. All agreed that it had improved into a very nice ale compared to the earlier taste.

Barrel Program update: A correction was made to the previous information on the newsletter. Instead of reimbursing 100%, NorCal will be applying the standard 25% discount to all brewers on Learn to Homebrew Day, whether they choose to donate to the barrel program or not.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.

June 2015 General meeting minutes

6:07 pm meeting starts

Members and visitors present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Victor and Tina Hynp
Carolyn Faubel
Tom stone
Travis and Melissa McCartney
Bob Bryson
Mike rose
Robert anderson
Mark roman
Sean McGarr
Corey and Sue Nickell
Bill Hansen
Joey and Elissa Flores
Jeremy turner
Andrea Grisson
David Miller
Teresa Frasca
Jordan Nickell
Matthew Petyo and Heidi Shaw
Intro, new visitors…..Tom and Ken Wood.

Critical tasting brought by Robert A. Black IPA

Pres. Nothing new

Vp: Nothing new

Sec. Motion to approve Robert first Carolyn second

Cellar master:
Bjcp guidelines for 2015 are now out and as a club we need to determine when we will switch over to new guidelines. Tina suggested that when we change board officers would be a good time.
Motion to change on October 1st 100% voting aye

Activities director:
Beer and food pairings will be served from Woodys brewing co.
First pairing is a bohemian Pilsner with a sausage, cheddar cheese and Gouda cheese

The second pairing is a Pale ale with a jalapeño popper

Upcoming events:

Tina is sending around a sign up sheet for beer judging for the Shasta district fair.

Sue mentioned a keg competition for Nor Cal homebrew festival. The two Kentucky common and classic American Pilsner. A meeting for this comp. will be held shortly for those who would like to be involved

Bob Bryson has a gadget: a particle reducing device for your boil.

Redding beer and wine festival.( Same weekend as norcal homebrew festival. )Scott w. will chair this event.

Redding beer week August . 21 at.

Homebrew at members homes
Scott will be organizing these events.

Tasting : bill h. Brought an amber ale

Tasting: Bart and Jeremy brought a smash beer, single hop single malt beer…fermented 3 different ways.

Tasting: mark brought a mandarin saison
Meeting close at 7:42pm

SSOB General Meeting Minutes July 2015
Ssob general meeting minutes July 1st 2015
Meeting begins at 6:06pm

Members and visitors present
Bart and Ami Hauptman
Carolyn Faubel
Bob Bryceson
Mike rose
Travis and Melissa McCartney
Mark Roman
Gary Hurst
Neil Peterson
Tom and Becki Semb

Into of visitors

Officers Reports
Presidents report: nothing new

Vp: board meeting yesterday. Remember that the notice of the board meetings are in the newsletter and website

Cellar Master: homebrew competition for redding beer week is going to change a bit this year. Five winners this year ect. People entering beer will need to be informed that we will be judging off the 2008 BJCP guidelines until October when new elections happen for our club. For the contestants, you will need to print out and have a BJCP tag, filled out with Catergory and subcategory. No entry fee with a cash prize. 3- 12 or 22 oz bottle. 11 am date Aug. 22. 15 th of Aug. is latest to submit beer at 6 pm. Redding beer week, pro am comp.Winner will brew at 15 barrel version of their beer at Fall River and beer will be entered into national homebrew competition

Tasting: marks saison

Secretary:asked for June’s meeting minutes that have been posted to be approved Mike Rose made a motion to approve and Carolyn seconded. 100% of club members present voted yes

Treasurer: info available upon request.

Raffle tickets tonight $1 a piece or 6 for $5 this is a club fundraiser

Tasting:Neil ‘s pale ale

Upcoming events:
NorCal homebrew festival and Redding beer fest is the same day. September 18-20th

NCHF: those who want a ticket to this event, have had a planning meeting

Redding beer week August21st-30th Wildcard and NorCal brewing solutions will have a brew-off on the29th

Elections for officers is in August, September is voting and October is take overs.

Possible barrel program was brought up by Bart. We talked about starting it in November at ” teach a friend to homebrew” so it would be easy to dump into the barrel to have it ferment in the barrel. Bart and Victor will be heading this committee up. Action item: Carolyn will send a club email to give everyone a heads up

Tasting: Neil’s chocolate brown porter

Fair: one person from our club entered. Congrats to Travis on winning first place on his Kolch

Gadgets: Travis brought a beer bug. To read your beers temp. And gravity.
Bart brought a homemade sparge arm

Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm

May 2015 general meeting minutes

Members and visitors present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Robert and Angel Anderson
Sean Mebarr and wife
David miller
Bob Bryson
Jeremy turner
Victor and Tina Hynp
Scott Wlodarczyk
Travis and Melissa McCartney
Carolyn Faubel
Corey and Sue Nickell

Meeting open at 6:05 pm
Tasting: Evan brewed ” these aren’t the hops you’re looking for” in honor of ” May the fourth be with you” He used the 3 worst selling hops over the past year and at that time, from NorCal Homebrew solutions

Introduced our new member Sean

Officers reports:
President: Bart is looking forward to sharing his brewing experiment with a “smash” beer, fermented 3 different ways. He hope to bring it for a bit of an educational topic for the June meeting.

Vp: nothing new

Activities Director:
Report on big brew day was that it went very well. We had 3 live brewing demos, sold some club merchandise and had a fun time.

Craft brew week in Redding is May 11th – 17th 2015. Local businesses around town will be holding events throughout the week including but no limited to: Capones, Maxwells, Savory Spoon, Rusty Nail, Shameless O’ Leary, and Bricks roadhouse.

Reminder that our June meeting is graciously being hosted by Woodys Brewing.

Reminder that if you plan to enter beer into the fair competition, please register it by May 15th

Tasting: Travis brought a kolsh to share

Secretary : asks for a motion to approve Aprils meeting minutes. Jeremy made first motion. Robert seconded. President asks for a vote of members present to approve Aprils minutes and 100% voted aye.

Cellar master:
Victor and Tina visited Chicos homebrew club meeting. Meeting consisted of about 25 people and 12 beers to taste. Their club is very big on raffles, donating to and holding them. At their club, if you bring a homebrew to share you get a raffle ticket. Also at their club, the sign in sheet was also a place for signatures to waive liability of the club meeting location.

Tasting: Bob Bryson brought a British Pale ale to share

Treasurer report: none at this time

Membership director: presently our club has 32 members and was sold $68 worth if club merchandise at Big Brew Day.

Tasting: Robert Anderson brought an American ale to share

Upcoming events: Evan will be holding a ” HOT , HOT, Summer Hullabaloo” if you do not brew and bring a homebrew to the event, you cannot attend. It will be held Saturday July 18th and we will be brewing BJCP Catergory 16 A and C

Redding beer and wine fest will be in September

NorCal homebrew festival tickets can be purchased online on Saturday July 25thSunday July 19th, 10 am

Ribs of July: Action item: Bart and Scott will be making contacts to get more info

Pros and joes BBQ competition is Memorial Day weekend

Beer week will be August 21 st for 9 days Bart and Victor will donate 5 gallons a piece of hombrew for this event

Dunsmuir beer fest is the weekend of August 15 th

Tasting: Mark brought a Belgian Golden Strong

Educational Topic: was a reading of the BJCP guidelines of Tripel Exultation and a brief discussion followed

Bill brought a ” chilsner” which is a icicle chiller to keep a beer bottle cold
Carolyn brought a battery operated pump to clean kegerator beer lines

Tasting: Scott brought a double IPA to share

Meeting close at 7:43 pm


April 2015 meeting minutes

April 2015 general meeting minutes


Members and visitors present:
Bart and Ami Hauptman
Victor and Tina Hynp
Bob Bryson
Joey Flores
Bill Hansen
Corey and sue Nickell
Marle Roman
Robert and Angel Robertson
David miller
Jeremy turner
Carolyn Faubel

Meeting open at 6:09 pm

Officers reports
President: nothing new

Vp: Carolyn would like to start doing a ” human interest story”, on our club Brewers to be included in our monthly newsletter. This would include details about your personal brewing system and pictures. You can send these to Carolyn at our club email.

Membership director: we have one more member join since March

Treasurer: information about specific club funds avail. Upon request. Becky will be opening a new club account to avoid fees.

Secretary / webmaster: asked for a motion to approve March 2015 meeting minutes. Jeremy made a motion to approve these minutes. Scott w. Seconded. A vote of members present was taken with 100% of the vote aye.

Activities director: big brew day is on the horizon on Saturday May 2 nd. As of this time we have 3 Brewers volunteered for the day of this event. An email was recently sent out with more club specific details. We are still in need of staff for our bouncy houses…possibly some teen volunteers? Please consider bringing homebrew to share at this Homebrew event! We need advertising for this event as well. Action item: Victor will put together a flier for around town and Bart will be calling the radio stations.

We would also like to start a once a month brew day session at our members houses. A sign up sheet will go around tonight. Also remember that at Norcal homebrewing solutions, the first Saturday of every month is a brew day for anyone to attend.

Reminder that Redding beer and wine festival is coming up in September on the 19 th, (usually the same weekend as nor cal homebrew festival) So begging thinking of you would like to be a part of this event by brewing a beer to share or serving on the day of the event.

Scott would also like to offer up Woodys brew house for club meetings. Sue proposed meeting there for the first time in June. Jeremy t. Seconded this proposal a vote was taken by the club with 100% of membership voting aye.

Cellarmaster: On Tuesday April 21st from 11am-4 pm, Kool April Nights will be having a show and shine in the parking lot in front of Norcal brewing solutions. Victor would like to know if club would like to participate in this event by bring homebrew and serving tastings upstairs? This would be benefiting the soroptimist international club, by getting any tips from homebrew serving, selling club shirts or glasses. Scott w. Of Woodys and Bart h. Of Ca brewing both offered to donate beer to be sold to earn money money for the soroptimist. Victor makes motion to have a vote to have club support to be involved in this event. Robert Anderson seconded this motion. A vote was taken of members present and 100% voted aye. Action item: Victor h. Will get more details of this event to be emailed out to the club ASAP .

No education topic tonight. Reminder that as we seek to keep good relations with the Chico homebrew club, they have a meeting the first Wednesday of every month held at Shenanigans at 6 pm. Consider attending their meeting at some point.

Tina h- Will be sending around a sign up sheet for club meeting food donations and also for Shasta county fair beer judging. Also NCHF is sooner than we think,
( September ), and we need to begin our planning. Tina will head this committee.

Sue n.- a reminder to club members to be considerate at our events. Please remember if you have invited someone, stay with them and maintain a good name for our club. Also Corey and Sue offered a scoby baby to anyone who wishes to start brewing Kombucha

Robert a- spoke about his craigslist find of 56 gallon red wine barrels for $60

Robert Anderson brought an Anchor steam from Bevmo to share

Bob Bryson brought a double IPA to share.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm


March general meeting minutes 2015

General meeting minutes March 4th 2015

Meeting starts at 6:01pm
Members and visitors present:

Bart and Ami Hauptman
Carolyn Faubel
Rob and Angel Anderson
Kaysen Brennan
David Miller
Travis and Melissa
Lester Johnson
Victor and Tina Hynp
Merle McCoullogh
Tom and Becky Semb
Joey and Elissa Flores
Scott Wlodarczyk
Corey and Sue Nickell
Christina piles

Officers Reports:
President- reminder of our board meeting on Tuesday March 31 st at Nor Cal Brewing Solutions 6pm. These meetings are held quArterly.

Vice President- reminder that if club members have any fun pictures they would like to share in our website, please email the to Carolyn Faubel on our club email

Treasurer- total amount in bank accounts can be given upon request

Secretary- has asked club to approve January 2015 meeting minutes. Robert Anderon motioned to approve January 2015 general meeting minutes. Sue Nickell seconded this motion. Present asked for a vote by membership to approve and 100% present voted aye

Membership director- big brew day is Saturday May 2nd at Nor Cal brewing solutions. Scott will be sending an email with details and also passing around a volunteer sign up this evening.

The homebrews we will be tasting tonight are: 2 Barleywines by Bart Hauptman and Jeremy Turner, a chocolate oatm ln stout by Robert Anderon, a milk chocolate stout by Carolyn Faubel and a commercial Narwhal brought by Lester Johnson.

Victor began by announcing that Kathy at Noble Brewers has notified us that any homebrewer can be featured brewer……( info. About this will be completed shortly)

Educational tasting tonight will be a blind tasting between two beers with an open discussion about what ingredients to choose when brewing

Upcoming events:
Stoutest- by invitation only
Big Brew Day may 2 nd with international toast time of 10 am

Scott w. Mentioned having brew days at members houses. This will be discussed more at March 31 st board meeting

Tina: shasta district fair beer contest . Call for entries to be made by SSOB members and volunteers to judge and pour. Please fill out required forms online at The last day to decide to enter beers is May 15th 2015. You deliver your beer on June 15th from 8am-6pm and judging will take place Sunday June 21st at 9am

Gadgets: none tonight, but we will now be featuring gadgets with photos on our website.

Meeting ends at 6:58 pm


February general meeting minutes 2015

Shasta society of Brewers general meeting minutes February 4th 2015

Meeting starts at 6:04

Members and visitors present:
Bart and ami Hauptman
Carolyn Faubel
Robert and angel Anderson
David miller
Corey and Sue Nickell
Bill Hansen
Scott Wlodarczyk
Tom semb
Lester Johnson
Bob Bryson
Jeremy turner
Victor Hnyp
Robert wallen
Joey and Elissa Flores

Officers reports
Tasting comparison between two dark beers. We are trying to guess what each is.
Fall River competition has fizzled out and instead we are doing stout fest at norcal brewing solutions.
Noon-5 pm invitation only! Encouraged to bring a homebrew stout or store bought. March 14 th Saturday.

Hops and shops is the 21st of feb. $27 in advance at cascade theater, viva down down and wildcard are all selling tickets.


Vice President: brought up her daughter Melinda who is helping reformat our website and update it. Carolyn asked that members contribute if they can to make our website fun to look at read ect.

Same with the newsletter…if anyone has suggestions or submissions please let Carolyn know.

Secretary/ webmaster:
Deferred approval of January 2015 general meeting minutes until next month

Activities director:
Big brew day in May ( first sat in May ), is coming and Scott would like to chair this event. We will send around a sign up sheet for volunteers for this event. To see our clubs event calendar you can check the website at to see any upcoming events or club member brew days. There will be a raffle to give away a free brew kit and brew day at big brew day.

Treasurer: info avail. Upon request

Membership director:
29 people are members
Introduction of new visitors sandy and Scott

Robert anderson brought a small growler to show

Three beers
Kolsch Bob Bryson

Vienna lager bob Bryson

Rye iPa bill

Meeting ended at 7:35pm


January Meeting minutes 2015

1-7-14 SSOB General meeting minutes

Opening meeting at 6:08pm

Officers reports:

Bart the president announced that all of the paperwork we had burned in out home fire.

Vp: we need to reschedule board meeting. 6pm Wednesday 14th at nor cal brewing solution

Jeremy motions to approve Novembers minutes. Corey seconded. Sue motioned to approve Decembers minutes, Lester seconds.

Treasurer: total information given upon a request

Cellar master: not present

Activities director: not present

Memberships director: no updated news

March will be Lesters last meeting as he is moving to Japan for work.

New news: Woodys opening: several members attended and liked the beers and food very much.

Upcoming events:
March is Fall River clones competition Saturday before st. Patrick’s day: details to follow
may is big brew day

Old news: the club decided that our Christmas party should continue to be held on a Friday

Gadgets: Lester brought an external temp controller for his kegerator

Beer tasting:

Lester brought a porter
Carolyn brought tank 7 clone

Meeting closed at 6:56pm