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November 6, 2013

6:09pm, at NorCal Brewing Solutions.
The meeting began with an open forum. Three guests were introduced, Josh, Michelle, and Brian.
Presidents report: Bart got some information from Eric on what his report should include.
Vice Pres report: Carolyn F. requested that any information on events should come to her so it could be uploaded to our website calendar.
Secretary: Carolyn F. would be taking minutes for Ami, who wasn’t there, and asked for clarification on the last meeting, whether any motions had been made. None of the requests in the minutes were motions.
Treasurer: Tina gave the report and the amount of our bank balance. She has not been able to meet with Bob yet to completely go over the previous treasurer materials.
Cellar master: Jeff was absent, so Jay agreed to take over duties for the evening. There are four homebrews for tasting at the end of the meeting.


Carolyn F. reported on the Learn to Homebrew day. There were approximately 11 gallons of beer drunk, and close to 100 wristbands given out. Attendance was slow at times, but a steady stream. A banner by the road and more publicity are needed for next year.

The club Christmas party will be the first wed in December at NorCal Brewing. No business will be conducted. It will be a potluck with gift exchange. A committee was formed: Tina, Bart, Sue, Tracie, and Carolyn F.

Eric reported that he was contacted by Shasta Land Trust to see if we would be interested in participating in one of their fundraisers. They would sell tickets, and we would provide the entertainment, such as showing how to homebrew, giving samples, educating, etc. The club is interested and Eric will find out more information.

New Business:

Bart introduced the idea of a “club barrel” program. The club would buy an oak barrel and start a beer in it. Periodically the barrel would be partially drained for drinking, kegging or bottling, and then members would fill it again by contributing a batch each. This is something that some other brew clubs do. Some members were for it, some were hesitant. Jay said that once NorCal got their brewery license, they would not be permitted to have the barrel on their premises. There might be other options for storing one though. Bart will continue to work on the idea and present it at a future date.

The members present had a general discussion on ways to keep the club fresh and interesting for all. Victor said that he had talked to the Eureka Brew Club president and found similar challenges with them. Tina reminded the club about the socials that are intended to help build relationships amongst members. Phil suggested regular communal brew days. Eric brought up a Homebrew magazine article that had some good suggestions that he wanted to bring and share.

Food for meeting nights will be organized starting January next year. Tina sent a sign up sheet around for members to sign up on, committing to certain meeting days they will bring food to share.


Victor and Jay passed out copies and went over the 4 sheet BJCP complete beer judging official forms and scoresheets, explaining the process, and telling what they have learned, especially in holding our own beer contest recently. One important thing they learned was to cut off the entries one week before the judging so adequate numbers of judges and helpers could be arranged.

Tina notified the club about upcoming regular raffles at meeting and solicited donations from anyone willing to donate.

A beer contest by Anchor Steam is coming up. Jeff, as cellar master will be asked to head that up for the club, for those interested.

Jay presented the home brews for tasting:
Carolyn G. – an imperial red ale, and an Irish Red ale
Carolyn F. – Kitchen Sink Porter
Bart – Dark ale, flavored with molasses

The meeting ended approximately 8:15pm
(I don’t remember if we officially adjourned)

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn Faubel

Oct 2, 2013

Bart opened meeting. Intro new board members. Move to open forum….

Learn to homebrew day. Nov 2nd 10-4pm
Eric created flyer. Tasting, Bart called for someone to head teach a friend to homebrew day. Brewing in
Corey and bob and Phil and Tom march to brew in parking lot
Phil to help head that
Pouring, customers. Carolyn will send email with flyer attached
Leftover beer from RBWF to nov.2nd

Licence for non profit status

Eric needs help for RBWF Corey help pick up…meet at 2:30. 55 gals. Eric asked permission to make 50 b and w copies of flier for nor cal customers…..board said yes.

Dotter to give re cap of homebrew fest. Photos of home brew fest to webmaster…looking into pouring around town.

Open forum:
Bob Bryson wants to see more group brewing…personal growth
Bart brought up barrel program
Jeff brought up field trips, group camradie. Party bus
Mike rose contact Chico club to see if they have contacts. Or a two day trip
Bart brought up collaborating with Chico club
Victor motion for liaison between Chico and us…jay volunteered to be that point
Tina brought up fundraising….hop go around, raffle prizes, fun ,educational
Tina will take on grains and hops, Jeff is corroborating. Bob have raffle prizes.
Tasting panel of off flavors….private
Jeff brought up bjcp program….getting some of us certified. 3 yrs. out10-12 weeks class or online test. Carolyn asked how hard it is to pass the test.
Jeff ideas…….about education, critique bad beers. Tasting program….matching critues against professional bjcp judged homebrews .
Victor will volunteer to do Ed. Topic next meeting.
Bob attended Chico meeting last dec. tasting glass to a stranger, nice gesture
Tina question with meeting, pitching in with food. 4 ppl stepping up . Tina make form to sign up

Bart to intro. Luke Patterson with kombucha educational topic. Socbie like yeast starter. brewing, open type brewing. Tea, sugar. Ferm temp73 degrees 7-10 days
Winter 28 days
0% achohol content…3-4 months it will go to 3-4 percent achohol

Jeff testing our pallets and education:
Name that beer style
Four beers, tasting and guessing…all ales espn, kolsch, pilsner and english pale ale.
Move to reimburse Jeff 40$ for educational tasting. IOU in register and discuss at board meeting
Some months homebrew tasting, some commercial education
Meryl, Cory sue to help at redd ing fest.

Dotter to ck with Sheri about st. Pattys day

Homebrew to bring next month for education

Mike rose motioned to make club tap system, building one.

Ken koupal of draught board winner of false bottom
Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm

June 2013

Hi folks,
Attached is the draft agenda for the SOB Monthly meeting. The meeting will again be held at NorCal Brewing Solutions at 1768 Churn Creek Rd. in Redding at 6:00pm next Wednesday (6/5).

This month’s educational topic will be presented by Victor Hnyp . The topic is “Beginning Brewer’s Mistakes “.

May 1, 2013

SOB 5-1-2013 Minutes_emh

April 3, 2013

Here are the minutes from April’s meeting for your review before our meeting next week. Please let Eric or Bob know if you have any corrections or comments to add to it.

SOB 4-3-2013 Minutes

March 6, 2013

Here are the minutes from the march meeting held at NorCal brewing solutions. SOB 3-6-2013 Minutes

Feb 6, 2013

Here are the minutes from February’s meeting. Thank you Victor and Tina for hosting us this last couple of months.

SOB 2-6-2013 Minutes_emh

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